Jacques Arangies

Jacques Arangies Born and bred in Namibia, Jacques Arangies is known for being adventurous and free spirited. As a young boy he did exceptionally well in horse riding and soon enough he was tempted to become acquainted with another type of horse. He did motocross for some years and at that point his taste for gravel and freedom left a permanent mark on him, one that would later become an enviable part of his life.

Before he carved out his future, he challenged life on many ventures that others might frown upon. As a teenager he lost a dog to snakebite, there and then he decided to learn more about Namibia’s reptiles. His interest has grown from mere book knowledge to hands on personal experience and eventually becoming a snake handler for a well know South African reptile curator. During this period he did educational shows and has continually placed himself at risk for the benefit of un-informed communities.

At a later stage in his life after backpacking abroad, he trained as a commercial diver and spent a few years in the coastal town of Luderitz. Here he got involved in the local tourism industry, which included boat cruises, sightseeing and interaction with dolphins and penguins.

Some years later he relocated to Botswana and then got reacquainted with his love for off-road motorcycling. In later years, Jacques carved out a successful career in Information Technology and eventually returned and settled in Windhoek with his family. Yet in all this time, his adventurous spirit has always called for freedom from a mundane life.

He still continued to participate in various adventure sport types such as rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, camping and mountain biking, but his love for the open roads on a motorcycle and the vast planes of Namibia had his heart captured. Although he has always kept a motorcycle off some sort, his love for the outdoors and gravel roads would eventually conquer all else and he found a perfect companion in a BMW R1200GS.

Through all his adventures Jacques has been riding motorcycles for the better part of 20 years participating regularly in off-road riding schools to better his riding abilities.

From this special joy an idea to share his experiences and beautiful country was born.

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