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About Off-Road Motorcycle Adventure CC.


Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures CC is the ultimate dream of two like-minded enthusiasts that share a love and passion for off-road motorcycling and Namibia. A chance encounter on the dirt roads of Namibia inspired a true and lasting bond of friendship. Due to Namibia’s landscape and terrain being idyllic for off-road motorcycling, an idea was formed and our dream transformed into reality and Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures CC was founded.

A person might wonder about this belief that Namibia is made for off-road motorcycling, well wonder no more and take regard to these statistics:


It is our passion to share our beautiful unspoiled country with the rest of the world but most importantly we want to maintain this un-spoilt beauty for future generations. Forty two percent of Namibia is currently maintained and protected by various conservation management schemes. No other place in the world achieves such high degrees of protection. Forty two percent is however not just a number, forty two percent is changing landscapes and changing lives.

As we hold conservation in the highest regard, we pride ourselves on taking the following precautions. We do not enter any eco-sensitive areas, too many eco-sensitive areas have been destroyed or permanently damaged for the sole purpose of enjoyment. All of the establishments and locations where we stop and/or overnight are left as we found it, clean and tidy, no trace left behind. We are unwaveringly committed to the conservation of our beautiful country.


Our aim is to ensure that each and every customer returns home safely and stands in awe of the truly unique experience they had here in our beautiful country. One of the first steps we take to ensure this is to have professionally trained tour leaders who have the highest level of skill. This is achieved by ensuring that all tour leaders regularly participate in off-road riding schools and training courses to maintain the required level of proficiency.

Another step we take to enhance safety, is to set aside the first day of each tour for personalized motorcycle set-up and general rider training to ensure all participants are familiar with Namibia's distinctive conditions. Additionally, the remainder of the tour will proceed by way of a convoy format, where a tour leader will always be in the lead and a tour sweeper at the back. Regular comfort breaks/stops are worked into the tour ensuring our highly valued customers are enjoying and surviving the spectacular, yet harsh Namibian conditions. Furthermore, the tour leaders of Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures CC consistently update their route information to be aware of possible road hazards.

In the event of any accidents, all Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures CC staff are Level-A First Aid qualified, enabling them to perform first line emergency support.


Our stable of available motorcycles at Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures CC is stocked with the bigger dual purpose motorcycles being the BMW F800GS and BMW R1200GS.

Reasons why we use these impressive powerful beasts:

The limitation of noise pollution is very important to us, as it is much better for a herd of Kudu to run with you for a while and thereby enhancing your experience with us rather than darting for the hills to get away from the noise.

In conclusion

Namibia is an unspoiled gem and it is our passion to travel through it and take in all of it's wondrous sights and sounds. Between Jacques and Peter, 40 years of combined motorcycling experience will undoubtedly guarantee you peace of mind and enviable enjoyment.

We will strive to make every tour with us an unforgettable experience and remember:

Your Adventure is Our Passion!